This letter is to enable you to know the countless skills and benifits i have learned from Master Robert Law

as a result of being accepted and joining the Academy of Ninjutsu.

Through the things I have learned form this remarkable Master, one being the practicle teachings as applied to today's

way of life, I am now in benifit both physicaly and mentaly.

Unlike other schools that claim to teah self defence, the master Robert Law did not refuse me into the Academy, regardless

of the fact that iam middle aged with health problems, (High BloodPressure being one of them)

Other schools-Martial arts, flatly refused me, some even laughed.

After being at the academy 8 months, my health has greatly improved, Blood pressure next to normal. From the knowledge and patience of Master robert Law, I am now able to defend myslef on the street or anywhere else , should ever arise.

However, there is still much to learn at the ACADEMY OF NINJUTSU, so I will leave with this letter to all who have interest.


Pamela Ann