To the readers of this letter



I want to give thanks to Grand Master Bob Law for accepting me as a student

of the Academy of Ninjutsu .


I came to Canada in October 1987. I have been taking Karate & Kung Fu classes for

nearly a year and the truth is that I didn't like it. I couldn't understand Katar and a great deal

of strength was used in every technique which was a problem for persons weighing 130 lbs

like myself & always wanted to find a martial art, more in the glint man side. On September

1998 I decided to gain information about the Academy of Ninjutsu & end up joining.


The Grand Master has a very unusual but effective way to teach that I like very much.

Ninjutsu is the best, I have seen about martial arts. I like everything about Ninjutsu but pain,

which sometimes I find more irritable than others but as everybody knows,

“No pain, No gain”; the important thing is that it's still alive. One thing I'm sure is that

I would never go back to Karate.


Sincerely yours


Edward Cruz

Dec 4, 1988