I have been training at the Ninja Academy for just over three months. I have found the classes to be invaluable in many ways. For instance, I have learned several exercises which are helping to condition me physically and without injury. I also enjoy the talks the Master gives students. I learned many things about the Ninja's history and philosophy. However, it must be said that I have yet to see any form of self defence that can remotely compare to this art. I have previously done King Fu, but after doing this art the differences are extremely clear. In no art I have seen such [ ] techniques which involve no strength. The art is so sensible and complete that I have no desire to practice any others.


I have also found that this art conditions the mind as well as the body. I find that I can more easily do my job and relate to people. I would recommend this art to anyone who is willing to put in their time and sincere effort in learning to protect themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. Myself, I am very happy to be given the chance the Master has given me to be taught and am thankful for his patience.