April 5, 1985





In my studies of Ninjutsu under Master Robert Law, I have found many beneficial aspects that cannot be offered by any other art.


Through the exercise, a high level of conditioning and strengthening is obtained through the body's muscles. In fact, noticeable results occur in a very short time period.


In tandem with physical conditioning is mental conditioning. I have found that my mind is more alert to my surroundings and, also more toned towards the thinking process.


The use of rolls and body movements do away with breakfalls and blocking which are used in may arts. This allows a smaller person or cripple, elderly person or female to put down a person of any size without the chance of being hurt. Because Ninjutsu uses body weight and the strength of the opponent, in defence, a small person can defend themselves against a bigger person with ease. In any case Ninjutsu is an art that can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical shape, sex, size and age.


Although classes are entertaining, even sometimes very humorous the emphasis is on instructing and learning. In such an atmosphere learning becomes easier. This is due, I believe, to Master Law's teaching methods. While expecting the best from his students, Master Law runs an enjoyable instructive course.


In closing, if anyone is interested ion a martial art, I would truly recommend Ninjutsu and especially Master Law.



David Gazy