Throughout my life I have always had ambitions of being involved with the Martial arts.

Although my convictions towards the ideals and philosophies were sincere, I had no attachment to any one form in the martial arts. 1 had intentionally avoided being apart of any particular style because. I felt that it was virtually impossible for one fighting system to encompass the practical tactics necessary to diffuse whatever is encountered on the streets either. at the end of a gun or knife. I first learned of the grandmaster': existence by mere coincidence. It was a peculiar sequence of events one morning that lead me to the grandmaster and this art. As any other morning I awoke casually, and routinely I turned on my television and tuned it to a morning newscast that I watch every so often while preparing for the day': engagements. It was then that 1 caught the reporter's announcement as she made reference to the Geijin Ryu Ninja Academy. An immeasurable amount of disbelief that ninja even existed compelled me to promptly inspect the subject of broadcast tentatively, perhaps it was my reaquaintance with the word ninja that unveiled a piercing and unfamiliar sense of fear and excitement. At that time my understanding of ninjitsui was vague, most of what 1 knew I had learned through books and movies. I knew ninja's were ancient warrior of Japan and practitioners of ninjitsui. Supposedly they were men capable of superhuman feats utilised techniques at ripped the flesh and broke the bones of the opponents, yet I had no thorough understanding in the full sense of the word what ninjitsui was really all about. As I continued to watch the broadcast 1 witnessed the students of the ninja Academy demonstrated their techniques in various defensive scenarios, which included ground maneuvering and defense against armed assailants in a direct straightforward manner. 1 was fascinated and even more interested as 1 saw. one of the students defend against an assault with a knife.

have been involved in altercations Contemplating on what 1 had witnessed I reflected on two occasions when I where knives were used against me, thankfully I managed to avoid serious injury. No stranger to a street fight most of the fights I have seen I have been apart of I knew all too well the cold mentality of anyone with intentions of having their way by means of violence and weapons.

As the demonstration being televised came to a close I felt that there was something unique and different about what l had seen that could not be explained. Ninjitsui was not commonplace in many of the Dojo's knowing this I gathered the necessary information to register with the Academy.

It was until the second week of January, that I resolved in favor of taking my interest in the martial art more seriously. my curiosity was again rekindled as l remembered the demonstration that was done by the Ninja academy. For sometime 1 procrastinated my effort to find out about the Geijin Ryu, 1 wanted a fighting style that was practical and had and edge. Before I enlisted 1 decided that it was of crucial importance to know more about what the other fighting systems had to offer so that I felt comfortable and committed with whatever decision I made. In order to accomplish this 1 contacted a few acquaintances 1 knew that were at one time or another affiliated with various forms of the martial arts, because each claimed a through and extensive understanding of their practice. 1 made it my obligation to capitalise from their experiences by finding out how confident they felt in the efficiency and practicality of their respective fighting systems, this way I could determine the good and bad aspects of that style to assist me in my evaluation. The first person that I expression my interest in the martial arts to was a cc-worker that was a martial arts eccentric he trained on a daily basis, maintained a consistent diet, and participated in tournaments. He had mentioned to me on numerous occasions that he was involved in jujitsu. I explain to him that I was interested in knowing what he had learned, his method of training, and how useful he felt his jujitsu skills sustained in the streets. He responded by reassuring me that although he was trained to tight competitively in the arena as a technical and submission tighter he knew a few ways of defending himself in a street fight. So I asked of that would mean that if someone tried to stab you then you would know a few ways to defend yourself, right? ''. Admittedly he explained that in the circumstance of an unarmed opponent he felt the chances of winning would be in his favor, however against an armed opponent he felt it would be wiser to do whatever was demanded of him. Unimpressed 1 was reluctant to pursue my interest in that method of training further. My second and third acquaintances I had known for a considerable amount of time one claimed to have trained in karate, while the other had trained in tae kwon do. 1 confronted both with the same questions that I asked my co-workera and again l was unimpressed by both answers given, it appeared as though the styles that 1 investigated were constricted by regulations and 1 wanted no involvement with any of them. It took a matter of three day before 1 registered with the Geijin Ryu ninja academy. Ever since l began my training with Grandmaster Robert Law even lesson has reaffirmed my belief that the exceptional training methods of the Grandmaster is unsurpassed on any level of comparison to the most illustrious training regiment of those 1 have witnessed. Although I have been a student of the Grandmaster for a short time lt has been a lifetime that my search for this art has persevered, and I simply could imagine or explain not even to this day the surprises and understandings I have come to acknowledge. Training with the Grandmaster I consider myself more privileged as 1 am introduced and learn the many unique and versatile facets of the tradition that has been preserved through the bloodlines of the Grandmaster. On one occasion I was amazed as 1 witnessed the Grandmaster train a fellow student's Stratford pit-bull attack and defense strategies in matter of minutes. One of the most crucial understandings I gain from training with Grandmaster Robert Law is, to win in any situation or accomplishing whatever is necessary cannot always be determined by expenditure of great amounts of energy. The marker of skill is the finesse and control of effort to affect whatever objective and results desired in life. I have learned from the Grandmaster as well as his students the importance of patience and subtlety. Not only does the Grandmaster teach how to survive and win against many of the situations that may be encountered on the street or in one's life, his teachings reinforces the principle that encourages a peaceful and fulfilled cc-existence with others. As my training progresses 1 begin to come closer to understanding only the basic principles of Ninjitsui and in doing so 1 find my mind adapts to a more direct and practical way thinking. The knowledge of the ninja that has been preserve by the Grandmaster has made a powerful impact in my life. After training with Grandmaster Law I find all other fighting systems and methods of training redundant and awkward, confined by kata's and regulations. Compared to Ninjitsui a majority of the other forms of martial arts have evolved to a competitive sport in arenas that are entertaining to watch, and have limited but positive fitness and health benefits. For me the Grandmaster brand of Ninjitsui is perfect because mind and body is conditioned to explore a limitless sphere of techniques and possibilities.

While training with Grandmaster Law the company that I had been working for presented me with the opportunity to travel to Detroit Michigan for duration of two months. After much consideration I accepted the proposal graciously. In the summer of 2000 1 was sent to the town of Ann Arbor in Michigan State, although a majority of my time was dedicated to fulfilling the duties of work 1 still managed to find time to pursue my interest in the martial arts. It was until after the first month while touring the University of Michigan campus that I heard of the Togakure Ninjitsui training facility established by Stephan Hayes protege of Yoshinki Hatsumi, Grandmaster of Togakure rye's. Since studying with the Grandmaster 1 have taken a strong interest in the tradition behind the method of the Ninja's lifestyle, and I felt obligated and curious to find out what that particular branch of Ninjitsui was about. On one of my day': off 1 took the opportunity to investigate further the Togakure Ryu adeptly named the t< Quest renter's. Upon my arrival at the Quest Center 1 noticed a fairly busy atmosphere, as 1 glanced across the wide matted room a majority of the students ranged from ages 10 to their later teens and appeared to be in preparation for class by pelforrrling warm-up stretches and kakas. It was at this point that 1 got the impression that maybe this Dojo was not dedicated solely to the practice of Ninjitsui, but rather to the other diverse form in the martial arts venue. Training with the Grandmaster had exposed me to a new and unique way of thinking about the martial arts and defending one's self, I found it strange that the students of the Quest center were doing fatals. It was a short period of time until I was approached by a man who introduced himself as one of the M instructors and he asked if he could be of assistance. I explained to him that I had been a visitor in Michigan and that I was surprised to find institution that taught this art, further conversation involved questions that were directed to find out if I had taken any form of martial arts. To avoid these questions I informed him that I had taken a few month of karate, and felt compelled to find out more about ninjitsui.

As the formality concluded I asked the instructor if I could have a look around at the variety of portraits and pictures. Moving across the room I noticed what may have been another instructor dress in a black clad ninja outfit that included a mask, which he removed as he approached the younger students still performing stretches. Unfortunately I left before the training session began, and I was unable to fulfill my intentions to return to the Quest center, however l doubt that the Togakure form of ninjitsui could measure up to the Grandmaster Law's level of training. After my arrangements relating to work were completed l returned to Toronto where I continue to further my training with Grandmaster Robert Law.