16 October 1985

To Mr. R. law:

Teacher, Master, Now Grandmaster:

Supreme over all those who are or will be of the Yoshin Meiji or of the Geijin Kosuga Ryu's


I joined the Academy of Ninjutsu on the second day of Feb 1985. However this is starting in the middle, to go back a bit.

In 1978 I started work as a “super” in an apartment building and like a lot of others before us, the idea of “free Rent” for work looked fantastic. It meant two things:

1-A job I could do (having been disabled from an auto accident)

2-The ability to save some money (My wife is working apart from)

Simply fantastic!...We thought, but like all good stories, this one's rosey golden shine started to tarnish, by the first part of 1979 we realized just how rough that job can be, especially in a bad building like we were in. So we started checking for some type of training, that would allow me to go on living and working. If you have ever had someone come at you with a knife meaning business and you don't know the proper methods believe me! Its scary with only a bluff.

We had heard Defendo from the from the police force as being good but no one was teaching it, so we looked onto Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and many others. After having looked in Scarborough were we were living, and exhausted all sources there, we turned to the phone book's for three cities under “Martial Arts” . After exhausting all those, and ourselves, they seemed to all have basically the same answer “were sorry you have too many broken bones for us to teach you” Or “ If you cant do all of it we cant teach you anything”. We were so fed up looking now we were about to give up. Then I bumped into Tom a friend, one day downtown and after hearing our plight asked “why not join Ninja?” I thought he was kidding. After all what would we do go to Japan , nice trip. But then he showed me the business card for “ Academy of Ninjutsu ” and showed me the back of it saying for senior citizens, disabled and shy people-Fantastic! Wow! Needless to say it didn't take us long to call back. We set up a meeting and at the meeting I mentioned I was disabled, he asked what happened. So I tild him in a soft voice hoping he would miss some but he didn't, he just listend” I ws in an auto accident April 10/64, a chap hit me at 95 mph, through 10 guardrails over a 50 ft hill, hitting a cement bridge both sides, thrown out of the car onto rock piles, unconscious 6 months in the hospital, broken shoulder, broken ribs down right side-2 went through lung, breaks in the right knee, 4 in the left knee, knee cap removed, disc out in neck, now degenerative, that's all. Then dead silience, then he said how soon will we start. Wow!! Breath of fresh air, sigh of releief. And this brings us to Feb 2, 1985 when we joined.

The Master, now Grandmaster, has more than been keeping his word. I am learning. The greatest form of Self Defence. Also I get top rate fitness training along with good times, fun and meeting and making new and good friends. In the Dojo everyone tries their best to help each other to learn and enjoy all like a big happy Family.

Thank you for yor interest in Me and My Family.

Yours Sincerely,