To whom this may concern:


In august 1985, I became a member of the NINJA ACADEMY . Proir to this time I had been involved in a motorcycle accident and was under care of a surgeon who advised me of the importance of strengthening my lower back and abdominal muscles in order to relieve my pain and fully recover.

I had also belonged to a fitness but quit because I was feeling no progress in this area and they did not put me on a suitable program etc. I have also been interested in the Martial Arts for several years, however, never came across one that interested me enough to join.


Since joining the academy, the pain in my back has noticeably lessened to the point where pain is infrequent. My family and friends have noticed a definte change in my personality and physique as well. I'm more relaxed and have more patience. In my job I'm also under tremendous amount of pressure and I have found that due to the workouts being intense and concentrated, the stress of day is easily forgotton. I am more relaxed and at peace with myself.


I strongly recommend this Art to anyone interested who wishes to better himself, both physically and emotionally, and live better because of it.


Many thanks to Bob Law and my fellow students for their encouragement, support and understanding.


A dedicated student


Steve Conant