Grand Master Law is a very wise, patient and friendly man, who is a pleasure to be taught by. Having so much knowledge, he doesn't have an ego and treat people with respect. When training with him, I do not feel like an outsider or at all uncomfortable, instead I feel very at home. He does not treat his students like robots and respect them a lot. In this type of atmosphere, you can learn a lot better and not the self-conscious.


Since I have trained in the art of Ninjutsu, I no longer have the ego and macho attitude which I used to have and I find it very easy to let things go by. Grand Master now teaches you to think more and not rely on physical strengths or the intimidation by size or appearance. This way you can have a much easier life and enjoy life because you have more confidence and less fear. The art of Ninjutsu relies barely on any physical strength and makes you use your mind instead of brute strength.


Grandmaster Law is more than just an input instructor, he is also someone I can trust with almost anything and would recommend training with him to anyone. Master Law also has a lot of knowledge about the body. He has fixed my dislocated shoulder and my sprained ankle.


Sincerely yours


S. Trouzin