18 th April, 1988



To the Grand Master,



Thanks for having accepted as one of your students and for exposing me to the riches of your art. Who would have thought that a 39 year old could be taught to perform body rolls and cartwheels!


After deciding to commit myself again to the study of a martial art, I approached several schools of varying styles. I was searching for what could best be described as a “total art”, an art that developed and made use of the whole being: mind, body, spirit attitude.


Since enquirers are not permitted to attend practice sessions at the Academy, I had nothing to go on other than an initial interview. Enrolling was a gamble, but it is one of the better gambles that I have taken.


I also wish to express my thanks to your senior students who repeatedly make “guinea pigs” of themselves so that awkward beginners, such as myself, could practice and learn the techniques properly.


May you be successful in all your efforts to promote this art.




A Student