The Ninja summit of 2004 was an exciting event! The whole event touched me before, during and after.

It started months in advance Grandmaster Robert Law was asking us, his students, to get our passports ready.

Omar and sensei went over ads for the website and the Black Belt Magazine. I had never had never been to a

summit before and had no idea what to expect. Sensei then sprung it on me that he wanted me to be tested on my

first session. I did not want to let him down or make a fool of myself. To prepare me Sensei had me do a few mock

tests explained what was expected. I believe sensei knew I was ready because he is extremely aware and an

expert teacher.

The first morning during the summit was a surprise. After we had eaten break feast, sensei sensei announced it was

time for testing and I was first. I had to do 35 techniques without hesitation. I passed. What a relief. Next It was

Martins turn to be tested. He did great. I was lucky to be first as it enabled me to watch everyone being tested.

Shortly after Martin's turn was Tims. He went for his First level, which was impressive as he did 335 techniques

and passed. The rest of the summit Sensei shared his bounty of knowledge with us. He showed us how to remove

bark form a tree to make shingles for a shelter. Then he made traps for catching animals, from the materials found

in the forest. He also built a ladder from a rope and sticks. There was also extensive training, which included hand

and leg techniques along with rope, swords, and knife throwing. The last day everyone received a certificate of

participation and sensei received a plaque thanking him for his dedication and Omar was bestowed the honor

of Master. We all took photos. Then we said our goodbyes.

On the way home, I went over the events of the weekend and thought about what a privilege it is to be part

of the ancient ninja culture and know the legend Robert Law.