(Note: Typed out version below)

Dear Grandmaster Robert Law,


I'm on my third year of ninjutsu and I'm as excited about it today as I was when I first began. We've been taught

thousands of techniques and we continue to learn more and more every and more every class we take. I'm so

glad to be learning ninjutsu with Master than wasting my time with other arts come even close to the type of training

we do at our ninja academy. I also like that we don't waste time with katas or forms in our training, but instead we

just work on raw solid techniques that have been proven to work of over thousands of years.

I love the fact that when you study ninjutsu you become art of a family, unlike other arts where it's more like being in bootcamp.

Nijutsu teaches us discipline, self control, and survival. Speaking of survival, camping with our Ninjutsu class was an excellent

learning experience. Delegating responsibilities and sharing work are valuable tools that everyone would benefit form, for an

example getting stuck with the car was a minor disaster but getting the car out was a major lesson in learning how to use your

natural resources to help you out of a bad situation. It was clever of mater to use a log that Master chopped down and a rock

to leverage the car so we can fill the gaps with other rocks so the wheels had some sort of grip. This is the way of the ninja,

In this art you learn to rely on your training and listen to your instect, where there's a will, theres a way, and a ninja will always find a way.

Just being in Minden , portaging with the canoes, hiking through the woods with our supplies was a very energizing. Even training

there was a great experience, throwing blades, practicing with the shoge, and the usual but never tiresome hand to hand combat.

I just like to say I really had a great time there, the only complaint I have is that it was too short. I'm looking forward to the next

camping adventure with the class.

But overall our camping trip was excellent you have shared with us not only techniques but real life stories and examples of

predictaments that we might find ourselves in, I'm sure that everyone left the camp site more energized and certainly more inspired.

What amazes me is that I've learned so much, but the best part is that we're just scratching the surface or not even scratching

but we're just getting a taste of ninjutsu, I can't emagine the other techniques Master is going to teach us, but that's something

I'm looking forward to. I think of ninjutsu all the time now I just can't help it, then again ninjutsu utilizes everything around it,

it's amazing how you can use ninjutsu in so many things like work, hone or any where you may be. Ninjutsu also makes you

aware of your sourrondings it keeps your eyes opne for any unexpected surprises. Studying mijutsu provides you with more

self control strength and most of all self-confidence. It's almost strange after taking Master's class how I see human body do

different, like how to dodge a punch by body movment, or just knowing how many weak points the human body has, or how

to control your apponent no matter how he comes at you.

I am proud to be part of the GEIJIN RYU NINJA ACADEMY and I look forward to more years of training with Master

expanding my knowledge and receiving fantastic and practical techniques that I will never get rid of. Thank you for a great experience.


Carlos de Melo