The art of Ninjutsu in my opinion is the finest art ever developed. After all an art that;s 1300 years old must be good to last this long.


Master Bob Low makes you feel like a person not a robot like the other arts (Karate, Judo, Kung Fu etc) instructors do.


Before I joined the Academy of Ninjutsu m I was afraid of getting into a fight even if I had a weapon. I am more confident in myself. I feel good because I've lost weight and gained muscle. My mind thinks clearer and faster now.


It's nice to have a master that has more than one way of teaching a student, since everybody is different.


The art of Ninjutsu doesn't involve much strength or fancy moves like they show in the movies. Don't be fooled by other arts calling themselves self defence for they are nothing but a sport involving many senseless moves and Katar.


Ninjutsu is the true art of self defence.


Academy of Ninjutsu

Master Bob Law




Signed a devoted student


Brian Cochrane