Dear Reader


When I first started the martial arts in 1981, I went to Tae –kwon-do. It's a good sport and good for getting in to shape. When it comes to street fighting where there is no rules, the high kicks that Tae-kwon-do teaches is no good if the guy have a weapon. It's my feeling that Tae-kwon-do gave too many rules and restrictions when you are fighting.


In 1984 I went to Karate. It was not what I expected. We had to line up and go through a drill almost like Tae-kwon-do. You use a lot of force. I realised after a couple of weeks that we were doing the same thing day after day and I didn't like the Kata. I was told that the Kata help your technique but all it ever did for me was to get me bored.


I went to a seminar in May 1985 and what I saw made me wish I had found out about it back in 1981. They weren't doing any blocking or high kick. They just move around the pownches. I didn't believe that at 25 years of age I could do rolls so you can imagine how I felt about flips but after a while you build yourself self-confidence and ability. I hope that I can keep practicing for a long time to come.


Yours truly,


Robin Sampson