To Whom It May Concern:


In the autumn of1984 I decided to learn self-defense course. I found the application of Ninjutsu to be very practical,

quick and straight forward in the art of self-defense. Ninjutsu is much more easier to immediately put into action with

its' myriad techniques, for a beginner, than other martial arts where one is learning the complex and involved performance

of katas.

The classes and method of instruction, taught by master Robert Law, are informal thus making it fun, interesting and

relaxing for those who may ne nervous or shy. I think it's helpful that the students are encouraged to practice with partners

of different height, weight are and sex since this will not condition one self to be dependent upon an ideal size person

when defending against an attacker in real life. I find it is also very important that students are carefully able to experience

some of the consequences of Ninja techniques used, so that we may have a self awareness of the damages these practices

can do in life and death situations. I also think experiencing some of the pain that is involved by practicing these techniques is

not so much to make pain bearable or to discourage us form practicing too hard, but to help us gain the discipline and control

needed when applying a technique on an aggressor to get effective results. These results can be achieved quickly due to the

simplicity and the many opportunities of evasion and escape that may be employed to overcome an attack.

It always fascinates me to see how this part covers so many different aspects of escape from any given situation without

involving a great deal of personal strength or getting oneself very exhausted while accomplishing the ultimate in self-defense, Ninjutsu!


Yours Truly,