To Whom it may concern,

I seen your ad in the paper and I was interested in joining a good club. A club or art that would teach

you how to fight and protect yourself. When I first joined I found the style of fighting quite different than

the other art styles. I had a bad habit of squaring off and blocking. In this art there is no blocking.

The body movment is the most important part of the training. If you get the body movement rught,

the techniques all fit together and the style is very fast, smooth and effective. The smallest person

can learn this art and be just as effective as a bigger person. There is a lot of things to learn in this

art such as pressure points, body dynamics, throwing techniques, survival techniques, and many more.

This art teaches you to use your head in a fight instead of using strength.

I find it very interesting and looking forward to learining a lot more.


Ted Maikland