Training in Geijin Ryu Ninja has benefited my life in all areas. One of the

most important benefits is increased confidence, especially on the streets

. This comes from the knowledge of the kind of damage the techniques

can inflict upon an enemy or opponent. It also arises from knowledge

that these techniques are truly effective. Unlike the other martial arts

such as karate, kung-fu, etc,. From these benefits I find that I am

living a much more carefree existence with fewer worries or fears

because I feel less threatened by potential physical harm.

The art reflects the real way life is meant to be lived. Life is meant

to be carefree worry free, and stress free. We are meant to live

life with happiness with freedom of choice. The techniques teach

the principle of non resistance and avoidance of conflict. When

there is conflict, we deal with it quickly and then get on with life.

When ones learns to really relax, as taught by the art, one can

think clearer and move faster, and the techniques are executed

with near perfection. If you resist, you often get injured. Same

with life, when you are relaxed, you go with the flow, without

resistance, stress, or conflict.


Some of the more practical benefits I have received from

the Geijin Ryu Ninja include improved performance in sports,

especially hockey where the body movement has been proven

to be very effective in avoiding checks. In business, I am starting

to learn how to spot the potential signs of a rip-off (another

benefit of the art is that you increase your awareness), how

different people think, and how they manipulate situations

to their advantage. I am also beginning to learn how to ask

certain questions to determine other peoples true intentions.

Learning this in business, I can apply the same psychological

principles in dealing with other people, especially of the opposite sex,

where objectives and techniques are very similar to business.


I am finding that my mind is becoming more multidimensional. I am beginning

to do more than one task simultaneously. In participating the techniques,

I find that I am more adaptable and less one-track minded,

although this area still requires a lot of work.


The art is beginning to make me physically stronger in some areas.

I can now do some of the exercises I couldn't do when I first started.

I am also using the exercises to lessen the severity of old sport injuries

and to protect healthy body parts.


In conclusion, I find that the Geijin Ryu Ninja has benefited my life

in all areas, In the short time that I have been training. I can see

that as one becomes better and better over a period of time, it

allows one to live life as close to perfection as possible. The art

trains all three centers of life, the physical, mental, and spiritual.

I feel very privileged to have been accepted into the art, and wise

teacher as Grandmaster Law. I am very excited at the prospects

the training will bring to my life over time.