"To whom it may concern,

I would like to start off my expressing my thanks to Grandmaster Bob Law, for everything learned and will learn, at the Academy of Ninjutsu.

As you will know there is a time in everyone's life when we are faced with a duel of our personal being.  I am one to enjoy & cherish my past, present & future.  My personal being has been invaded three times in my life!  I had a knife to my throat twice & once in the ribs.  And each time was horrifying!  Extremely hard on the nerves!  I never had any idea how to deal with these situations.  I saw my life flash before my eyes, I mean I could see my grave.  And now, I have a real feeing of peace and security about myself with the teaching and training of Grandmaster Law.  I no longer take my nerve medicine,    due to the unfortunate incidents.  My confidence continues to grow with each class.  We are students yet are accepted like family where it is earned.  The Master's teachings are strong, firm and extremely useful.  When I was introduced to dealing with an attacker with a knife, my fear didn't go unnoticed, the master noticed and with the help & patience it is soon to be my No# 1 Victory, to defeat my inner most fears.  My awareness and thinking have changed dramatically!  I've never felt so good and confident about my self before.  You know when you get right to the point the Grandmaster really cares about his students.  It's quite obvious that if he didn't he wouldn't be teaching.    He expects you to put your best foot forward  & do your best  & he will make you better!    and being a mother of three children, I'm hopeful they too will learn the ways of the Grandmaster when they are ready!  I am a lucky lady to be part of the academy of Ninjutsu.

A sincere and thankful friend,

Rena Eastman


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